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CA$H PIGEON! carrier services are currently unavailable due to unforeseen complications with Dash the Ca$h Pigeon.

Please use the available alternative monetary conveyance systems found below until further notice.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Send your cents

with the service that makes the most sense,

Ca$h Pigeon!

Dash the Ca$h Pigeon will fly your contribution from any corner of the globe

at any time without any of the hassle

of digital exchange systems such as

fumbling with numbers and computers,

clogging your inbox with email receipts

or the chore of security encryption.


using Ca$h Pigeon!

is simple and fun for the whole family!
Just follow these gratuitous steps

to send your gratuity.

Firstly, coo the call of cthulhu twice

in every cardinal direction

and wait for a brief expanse of time as

Dash the Ca$h Pigeon

soars through the skies

until he arrives at your windowsill.

Then greet him with a handful of

stale bread crumbs,

carefully place your spare change into his leather carrier pouch,

scratch his puff just above the breast bone, and let him mull around a bit

until he confirms your transfer request

with his own deposit on you

or the nearest windshield.

It's that easy!

Experience the ultimate excellence of

conveyance convenience with

Ca$h Pigeon! 

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