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You know...

I’ve been...



Mulling it over...

In stupid stupors

Or while completely sober

Simple things

Silly things

Serious things

Onion rings

All these things!

Figuring it out

Whatever it means

Now how can one possibly express

What all of this is?

A thought mess lobster!

There you go, I just did

For all that I know is that I know nothing

But knowing that is knowing something

And here what you see

Is only the beginning

A tease

With much more to wander in wonder

If you please

So join me, won't you?

In the weeks, months and years to come

On this endeavor to discover

Where all these ideas are coming from

A Hot Mess What Sir!?
I Knew It!

I Knew it!

You know it!

I am a poet!

I make lines with rhymes sometimes.


I'm full of it!
If so, where is it?

The bizarre stanza bonanza stranded in my mind...

Damn it!

I knew it!

I have to lose it!

I can't stay too shy to say what’s inside.



I’ll do it.
I'll share it!

I'll prove it!

If you join me for poetry sometime.

What is Poetry?

What is Poetry?

Whatever it needs to be!

It can rhyme all the time

Or simply stop.

Punctuate every line!

Or neatly not

Words written without rules

For philosophers and fools

A language of praise and curses

Capturing life in phrase and verses

Perfect patterns

Broken notions

Free expressions

These are poems!

Nobody Reads Poetry Anymore!

Nobody Reads Poetry Anymore!

Go ahead, ask around

A fad thousands of years in the making

Has run itself aground

Nobody reads poetry anymore!

Are you out of your mind?

Ask someone to read a poem

And they’ll tell you they haven’t the time

Too busy

Telling grams instantly

Their face buried in a book of blurbs

That never end

Snappy chats of quicker conversations

To send or not to send…

Nobody reads poetry anymore!

Unless of course you’re reading this now

In which case I stand corrected

Somebody most certainly

Read some poetry


A Personal Ultimatum

A Personal Ultimatum

Dear Me,

You have got to get

One of these damned ideas

You keep thinking of doing


Or be damned already!

You know

The ones you keep thinking about

And dreaming about

Whenever distractions get boring


When you were a kid

You used to say “Look what I did!”

In a show and tell to yourself

That told you nothing more than

“This is fun!”

With watercolors and crayons

Action figure hand me downs

Brick by LEGO brick

You built upon whatever came to mind


But now

You’re all caught up in the possibilities

Of the what ifs and how so’s

You make impossible mental leaps for the moon

Before taking one small step

Toward one little goal

And all your ideas are damned

By your dumb dedication

To that ancient human ritual of delay

Sacrificing satisfaction

In pursuit of perfection

Come on now!

Spit it out already!

Get just one idea done dammit!



Out of the way!


If not dear Me, 

Then you’ll miss the opportunity of a lifetime

To do before you die

The only thing worth a damn doing when you’re living

Letting your imagination spark and make fire




Get on with it already,

Your Heart, Soul and Brain


We’re serious

No more further ado

All of this thinking

Without doing is killing us

And if you don’t do something soon

We’re through!

So please start somewhere


We’re begging you!

If anything

Make a space for yourself

To create something else

For crying out loud…

Clean your room!

Writer or Not

Writer or Not

Here I come!

To profess epiphanies

Or ideas dumb


You can run

But I can no longer hide

The mess of thoughts that dwell inside

My brain is rattling!

My soul is molting!

My shell is cracking!

My heart is bursting

Thirsting for something more!


Forlorn for so long

Imprisoned from within

Forgone no longer

I make this declaration!

Writer or not

Here I come!

To profess epiphanies

Or ideas dumb

Fail Fast

Fail Fast!

Fail my friends!

Fail as fast as you can!

Failure my friends!

Again! Again! Again!

Make great mistakes

And tremendous blunders!

Fall on your face

And suffer soul sunders!


Only a fool fears being a fool

Expecting success without feeling the burn

Oblivious that life is one big dumb lesson

And failure is the only option if you wish to learn

Thus progress is forged

By the onset of setbacks

So embrace your follies

Have a good laugh and relax!


Fail my friends!

Fail as fast as you can!

Fail with pride my friends!

And don’t give a damn!

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