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Pigeons Fuck.

Pigeons fuck.

Up above the pigeons fuck.

Wings a’ flappin’

Feathers flyin

Twigs a’ breakin’

There’s no mistakin’

A couple of pigeons are getting down and


No moans of pleasure

Or squacks of satisfaction

Just two birds passing on genes

For another generation

Pigeons fuck!

Pigeons fuck!

Why do these pigeons have to


Up above me in the trees

They get it on and spread disease!


Religious duck?

Religious duck?


These are pigeons down to fuck!

Wings aflutter

Feathers ruffled

Bursting cherries

Full kerfuffle! 


These pigeons…

Now I see…

Have been eating fruit from this tree...

Now finished, they fly away...

I guess they’ll fuck some other day...

Pigeons Fuck








I've stuffed my feelings in a bottle

And thrown them out to sea

Cast away from everyone

Most especially me


My feelings gone I try and stay strong 

But more bubble up from below
So I stuff them in and fling’em again

And hope they're a sight I see no more

The tide begins to rise

And there to my surprise

I find my bottle from before

Still filled with all the festering feelings

I tried to sink below


So I fling the bottle out to sea again 

And this time a little further

Taking sight of a dark horizon

As storm clouds begin to gather


Six pack

Twelve pack

A case of bottled up fear

Empty bottles

Hollow feelings

The more I toss

The more appear


Burnt, exhausted, sand in my socks

On a beach littered with anxiety

Unthunk thoughts tumbling through the surf

As I suffer the ebb and flow of misery


Out of sorts

Out of mind

Out of desperation I scream!




Living nightmare’s dream




Shattered ego

Broken glass




In the riptide of the past

Overwhelmed, under water

I let go and fight no longer

As the waves of emotion

Take me out to see


That what I feared

Was not so

That what I knew

I did not know

That what will come

Joy or sorrow

Is what life was

And will be tomorrow


Now adrift in this vast ocean

Awash in life’s great mystery

No more bottles left to throw

Sink or swim, I




Bottled Up

A  lil Bit of Thought

I wonder…

If God made dirt

And dirt don’t hurt

Then surely God made pot

So pot why not?

Just a little bit of thought

A lil’ bit of thought

A lil' Bit of Thought



Be aware of what you feed your brain

Have yourself a bit of joy and a bit of pain

For to feast too much on one or the other

Will surely bust the belly of the brain asunder

Positive crispies are a tasty treat

Deliciously addictive

Yet nutritiously incomplete

Have all you can devour

And you will have emotional gout

Leaving you empty

Hangry and nauseous with doubt

Negative morsels are needed for a strong reality

They provide kernels of truth in the right variety

But too many of these salty snacks

Will make you sick

Causing an unbearable disease

Known as “bein’aprick”

So feed the brain a balanced meal

With lots and lots

Of knowledge nuggets and tater thoughts

Filled with equal parts bitter

And equal parts sweet

And you’ll have a brain never starved

But always ready to eat

Brain Feed



Here’s to you


Here’s to me

To the future

May it be blissful and bright

To the past moments

Of triumph and delight

To the present

Let us be merry

And more than alright


Here’s to a good night

And a better tomorrow

To overcoming grief

And all of our sorrow

To making the best

Of what lies ahead

To being grateful

For every day before we’re dead


Here’s to good people

The world over

To those among us

Whether drunk or sober

To our imperfect friends

And most perfect strangers

To the brave souls

Who face our greatest dangers


Here’s to you


Here’s to me!

To every ilk from every country!



Na zdrowie!

Gan bei!

Cheers to all!

Now let’s drink up already...



The Other

They are not your sister

Not your brother

They are another creed entirely

And whatever it is

That they believe in 

Is whatever it is

That is what is

Wrong with society


The Other

Are a challenge to your status quo

The Other

Are everything you do not know

The Other

See the world in a different light

The Other

You must avoid or prepare to fight!


That’s what I heard about

The Other anyways

From another

Who knew more about them than me

And of course I’ve heard all about them

And all that they believe in

From blogs and books

And talking heads on T.V.

I’ve even seen

The Other with my own eyes

But one to one I’ve never known any

Can you imagine what would happen

If you did!?

Shake their hands?

Meet their kids?

Complete and utter catastrophe!

Nope! Not worth it! Don’t do it!

Don’t be brave...

You don’t have to prove it.

Taking that kind of chance is far too risky!



You could be tormented

By completely new ideas

Or obscenely new perspectives

Of culture and identity

They could challenge you

And what you thought you knew

They could change the very makeup

Of your mind

And worst of all afterall 

You could end up

Like The Other kind!

So beware

Of the Other

They are not your sister

Not your brother

They have nothing in common

With you and me

Not one thing whatsoever

Other than we might share the same fear

Of other people taking away who we are

Our freedom

Our way of life

Our humanity


But other than that…

The Other?

Don’t bother.

Any encounter with them could be deadly!

So you best beware, be scared of them

The danger is tremendous

You can count on this

Don’t be a fool

Believe me!

The Other








N ow let me tell you what

When you’re feeling low

You can get by

And get a little high

With a simple stride

Down a sunny, tree lined street


You’ll feel an uplift in your soul

On a wonderful stroll

If you take in your surroundings

And notice the great many perfections

In this imperfect world that we’re living in


Gnarly roots from the gnarliest trees

Individual homes showing outward

Inward personalities

The roar of the city

Heard faintly in the background

As squirrels and sparrows

Spar and crow and squirrel away


And here is where you’ll realize

Before you trip on the sidewalk

Or step in dog shit

Unprepared for the other side of reality

As bliss ends prematurely

On reentry into the fray

That life is worth living

Surviving and enduring

Because sometimes life is better than okay

One Life Lesson




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