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What is the purpose of life?

To never stop asking.

What the hell is TML?

Thought Mess Lobster was once but a myth. There were murmurs and rumors of its existence but actual sightings of the involuntary babbling of ideas purged from the very depths of this particular grey matter were rare. 


That myth became a reality when at long last, rather than vomit this catharsis into a corner and let it stink and stew with the world being none the wiser, this thought mess author finally found the nerve to hurl their inner workings into the outer ether of the interwebs!


Now I don't know if this weird enigma of jumbled letters, visual oddities and gum flap recordings will do anything for anybody else but I do hope the release of these emissions from this particular thoughtomobile might contribute another degree to global warming of the heart; or at the very least melt a few lingering iceturds out there.

Ultimately TML is...

One third poetic rhetoric

Two thirds personal philosophy

And four thirds what the hell, why not!?!

For the sake of escaping our ridiculous reality.

What is a Red Lobster?

A dark, dark place where crustaceans and their seafaring friends are mutilated like the biscuits of Cheddar Bay.

How can I help support

Thought Mess Lobster?      

If you like it, share it!

If you hate it, spare it!

If you want to throw money at it

Who’s there?

Knock Knock.

Who is the author of this bizarre bazaar?

You might be thinking an easily amused crustacean with rudimentary computer skills and a basic understanding of the English language put all of this together but that would be impossibly absurd! Perfectly ridiculous! Wonderful really.


In fact the author is the whirled around C. Ray Hanson. I wrote my first book at the age of seven or so called Don't Go Up in the Attic which was widely praised by my mother who acquired the only copy ever produced. Shortly thereafter I followed up with The Mystery is Solved series which went on to equal renown! After completing these masterworks I went on hiatus for about twenty-five years as I turned my attention to other creative endeavors such as mowing the lawn or counting beans. Nonetheless I continued to noodle along sporadically in my spare time with rough drafts and second guesses on third iterations of fourth ideas until eventually Thought Mess Lobster became a reality.

What's for dinner?

Lobster... always lobster...

How do I get out of here!?

You can exit


Always return to the main screen with a click

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