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Words sway in the wind

Rhythm takes root in the mind

Fruits, ideas, nuts!

Who Is Dat Gy?

Who Is Dhat Gy?

Who is that guy?

Who? That guy?

Yeah! That guy right there!

Well that’s Dat Gy!

That guy is Dat Gy!?

Yeah! Dat Gy! What do you care?


I hear he’s brilliant at embarrassment

And thinks seriously about silly things.

He is abnormally normal, yet unstrangely strange.

Dat Gy is the very epitome of flawless imperfection,

A skillfully clumsy fellow through and through,

Who has made a great many mistakes and has many more blunders due.

I hear Dat Gy doesn't know how he got where he is

Or how to go where he’s going,

So he lives each day like the last, doing the best he can without knowing.

 Dat Gy has endured the many licks of life,

The tickles, the bruises, the ones that still bleed,

Laughing and crying he carries on, wishing for wants without filling his need.

I hear Dat Gy is afraid of many fears

Rejection, failure, and the Grim Reaper too

But he pretends to be brave, hoping nobody will see through.

I hear Dat Gy does his best to look his best

To show the world that he’s never been better!

But truthfully in reality he barely holds it all together.


Do you know that guy?

Who that guy?

Yeah! That guy right there!!

Well of course I do!

Dat Gy is me! Dat Gy is you!

Dat Gy is everybody everywhere!

Fail Fast

Fail Fast


Fail my friends!

Fail as fast you can!

Failure my friends!

Again! Again! Again!


Make great mistakes

And tremendous blunders!

Fall on your face

And suffer soul sunders!


Only a buffoon fears being a fool

Expecting success without feeling the burn,

Oblivious that life is one big dumb lesson
And failure is the only option if you wish to learn.


Thus progress is forged

By the onset of setbacks,

So embrace your follies,

Have a good laugh and relax.


Fail my friends!

Fail as fast you can!

Fail with pride my friends!

And don’t give a damn!




Here’s to you and here’s to me!

To the future, may it be blissful and bright,

To the past moments of triumph and delight,

To the present, let us be merry and more than alright!


Here’s to a good night and a better tomorrow!

To overcoming grief and all of our sorrow,

To making the best of what lies ahead,

To being grateful for everyday before we’re dead!


Here’s to good people the world over!

To those among us whether drunk or sober,

To our imperfect friends and most perfect strangers,

To the brave souls who face our greatest dangers.


Here’s to you and here’s to me!

To every ilk from every country!

Tulgatsgaaya! Salud! Na zadrowie! Gan bei!

Cheers to all! Now let’s drink up already!

Brain Feed

Brain Feed


Be aware of what you feed your brain.

  Have yourself a bit of joy and a bit of pain.

    To feast too much on one or the other

      Will bust the belly of the brain asunder


          Positive crispies are a tasty treat!

            Addictively delicious but nutritiously incomplete.

              Have all you can devour and you will have emotional gout

                Leaving you empty, hangry and nauseous with doubt.


                   Negative morsels are needed for a strong reality.

                     They provide kernels of truth in the right variety.

                       But too many of these salty snacks will make you sick!

                         Causing cancer of the mind, disease of the heart and ideas caustic.


                             Feed the brain a balanced meal with lots and lots
                               Of knowledge nuggets and tater thoughts,

                                 Filled with equal parts bitter and equal parts sweet

                                   And you’ll have a brain never starved but always ready to eat!

Great Again

Great Again


Make our country great again!
Back to the way it was back then!
Free from tyranny, free from sin!
Tell me now, do you remember when?


The common man had common sense

And a respect for others, not ignorance!

There was less crime, corruption and negligence

And more pride, prosperity and competence!


We could speak our mind about that and about this

Without tying our tongues in political correctness!

We were free to be, to go about our business,

Free to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

Take me to that golden era, all the way back,

Without fear of mass shootings or a terrorist attack!

When honest, hard work, was enough to stay on track

And it didn’t matter if you were white or brown or black!


Make our country great again!
Back to the way it was back then!
Free from tyranny, free from sin!
Tell me now, do you remember when?


That span of greatness, long, long ago,

Our greatest hour, do you know?

What era with this honor do we bestow?
When were we so great and great how so?

Were we at war with each other or another nation?
Did we give power to the privileged or the corporation?

Were we the immigrants fighting natives or immigration?

And did we have slavery or merely segregation?


What was being used to stoke our fears?

Communism or terrorism? Rumors of witches or queers?

Where did we cast our hatred and jeers?
At the monsters among us or those forced upon a trail of tears?


And how did we acquire our great wealth and privilege?

Did we earn our keep or murder and pillage?

Take it from our own people or another village?

What did we choose, to build a wall or build a bridge?

Who was given liberty? Who was given death?
Who did we leave with nothing left?

Can we truly claim greatness with every breath

Or have we become greatly oblivious, blind and deaf?


Make our country great again?

Back to where? Back to when?

Back to reality or our imagination?

To a greater truth or the greatest fiction?


We were great, I know it to be true,

But you must ask yourself, great for who?
Great for me or great for you?
Or great for some ungrateful fool?


What may seem as greatness in it’s prime

Greater still is a vicious paradigm,

Of lies, corruption and every crime.

Seek out the glorious past and this too you will find.


But greatness does not dwell in a time and place,

Instead it thrives in those who give it chase.

With courage and perseverance, patience and grace,

Great people overcome the great folly of the human race.


So go on and make the world great again!

Strive for greatness everyday, with every action!

Make it from the heart, from the soul, from deep down within!

Tell me now, when will you begin?

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